"Politics of the Eye: Imagery of the American Political Landscape"

Keynote Speaker: Matthew Frye Jacobson
Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, MO
Fri, October 5 to Sat, October 6, 2012
Submission Deadline: CLOSED

Thursday, September 20, 2012


The Conference Committee is please to announce that our Friday night kick off to the Visual Culture Conference will partner with the CAM, Contemporary Art Museum. The CAM's public program's manager will give a tour of Jonathan Horowitz's Your Land, My Land: Election '12 exhibit. The tour will begin at 7pm.


This exhibition reconfigures a project by Jonathan Horowitz originally titled November 4, 2008 and presented at Gavin Brown’s enterprise in New York during the previous American Presidential election. It was a montage of sculpture, photographs, and video that organized the gallery space into red and blue zones to reflect the American color-coding of its bipartisan political system. Central to the entire exhibition was the actual space of the gallery, a room that the artist subdivided into contrasting sections that also functioned as a comfortable place from which to view two centrally suspended televisions — back to back — one broadcasting programming on Fox News and the other programming on CNN. The exhibition — which will be presented simultaneously at other institutions in the United States (Contemporary Art Museum RaleighHammer MuseumContemporary Arts Museum Houston;Utah Museum of Contemporary ArtTelfair Museums; and New Museum.) — will transform CAM’s lobby into a space for collective reflection on the election process, for shared social experience, and for dialogue and exchange.

Please Contact Conference Chair Mike McCollum at michaelmccollum@mac.com with any questions. 

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